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Americano -  2.60/2.80/3.00

Cappucino - 3.10/3.30/3.50

Chai Latte - 3.10/3.30/3.50

Espresso - 2.30/2.50

Flat White - 3.30

Latte - 3.10/3.30/3.50

Mocha - 3.30/3.50/3.70

Iced Americano- 2.60/2.80/3.00

Iced Cappucino - 3.10/3.30/3.50

Iced Latte - 3.10/3.30/3.50




Palace Breakfast

Our award winning Palace Breakfast Tea is an energising, full-bodied, aromatic black tea, perfect for the first cup of the day.

Builders Brew

Strong, fortifying and energising; Builders Brew is the tea of choice for the vast majority of people in the UK it can be enjoyed with milk or Lemon at any time of day.

Rose Pouchong

This wonderful, whole leaf, Chinese black tea is picked by hand and is naturally scented with rose petals. In order to infuse the tea with floral fragrances, rose petals are scattered over the drying black tea leaves and then left to draw in both flavour and scent naturally.

Lapsang Souchong

Our Fujian mountain black tea is well-known for its distinctive flavour; full-bodied and smoky it is often likened to a good Islay Whisky.

Madagascan Vanilla

A delicious and natural Sri Lankan black tea blended with aromatic, rare, Bourbon Vanilla pieces from Madagascar for a full-bodied, robust, smooth and spicy black tea.

Afternoon At The Palace

An aromatic blend of Darjeeling and Keemun black leaves, it is lively, bright and complex with slight muscatel tones and a luxurious cocoa finish.

Assam Superior

This fine example of single-estate Assam teas has all of the characteristics one would expect of an excellent Assam; dark, robust whole black tea leaves with plenty of tip; a robust, full-bodied and spicy aroma.

Imperial  Ceylon

Our Imperial Ceylon is a most elegant, single estate High-Grade black tea from Sri Lanka, it has a delicious, almost fruity, aroma and a clean, smooth aromatic flavour with a hint of earthiness.

Midsummer Mango

Our most popular flavoured Chinese and Sri Lankan black tea, Midsummer Mango is a bright and delicious combination of finest black tea leaves and real mango pieces.

Queen of Berries

We have taken the finest whole black tea leaves, selected especially to be full of body, with whole real berries and berry pieces for a wonderfully fruity and naturally sweet blend.


Palace Earl Grey

Palace Earl Grey is a classical full bodied, sophisticated black tea, from a secret recipe of the finest black Chinese leaves and pressed
Bergamot citrus fruits.

Earl Grey Blue Flowers

Earl Grey Blue Flowers is our version of Lady Grey, a fine Black Chinese tea is blendedwith a lighter Bergamot and Blue Mallow
Blossoms for a slightly sweeter taste. It is one of our most popular teas a delicate, smooth, balanced infusion alternative to traditional Earl Grey.

Earl Grey Excelsior

This highly scented, full-bodied, aromatic Earl Grey black tea is blended to our own recipe for a robust Bergamot flavour with a hint of fruit on the tongue. It is created as a more full-bodied and slightly fruitier alternative to our best-selling Palace Earl Grey.

Smoky Earl Grey

We have combined full-bodied, robust Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan whole black tea leaves with soothing, refreshing, citrusy natural oil of bergamot and the sultry smoke of Lapsang Souchong.


Jasmine With Flowers

Our Jasmine green tea is made from premium whole Chinese green tea leaves and jasmine flower petals and absolutely nothing else.

Oriental Berry

Oriental Berry is light and smooth, fruity and sweet with great green tea flavours. Served cold-brewed this tea is an excellent alternative to fruit juices whilst being sugar-free, perfect for children.

Sencha Green Leaf

Crisp, light, refreshing and organic; our Chinese Sencha is the quintessential example of an exquisite steamed green tea. Our own Sencha is organic and uses lustrously green, whole tea leaves of the highest-quality.

Royal Star

Built on a base of steamed Chinese green tea leaves and aromatic, nutty oolong leaves; redcurrants, flower blossoms and natural
flavouring have been incorporated for an infusion with sweet peach flavours and a touch of spice on the finish.



Our organic, caffeine-free chamomile infusion is made from only the whole chamomile flower heads for the finest quality and purest flavour. Delicious and perfect for relaxation.


Our calming, soothing, refreshing pure peppermint infusion is both organic and caffeine-free. To create this very special herbal we use only a very special cut of pure peppermint leaf for adelightful note of caramel on the finish.


The all-star cast of ingredients used in this infusion include cardamom and cinnamon for balance; coriander, fennel and liquorice for cooling; ginger for digestion and restoration and rose to soothe the heart and relieve stress.

Lemon & Ginger

Our signature Lemon & Ginger blend was created to be the best infusion for both health and flavour. Blended from high-quality, all natural ingredients with absolutely no additives or flavourings.

Wild Berries

This delicious, fruity blend is the star of our caffeine-free fruit blend selection and it is easy to see why! Bursting with berries, fruit pieces and herbs, Wild Berries is a fruity and slightly-sweet infusion with an intense berry taste.


Organic Rooibos or “Redbush tea” is one of the most famous and popular natural, caffeine-free tea alternatives. This infusion is made from the leaves of the Redbush plant which only grows in South Africa.



Finest Darjeeling  

We have selected this luxurious, hand-picked tea from the Singbulli estate as a wonderfully tippy 2nd flush and a benchmark example of a superior single estate Darjeeling with a mellow, rounded aromatic taste and typical muscatel notes.

Lavender Grey  

Our award-winning Lavender Grey uses only the pure flower heads of the lavandula angustifolia and is our own aromatic blend of pure whole black tea blended with organic lavender from Provence (France) and natural oil of bergamot.

Strawberries and Cream

An exquisite blend of the finest black tea leaves, whole strawberry pieces with sweet, creamy vanilla and sunny marigold for a fruity, slightly sweet finish with creamy undertones.


Earl Grey St. Clements 

Earl Grey St Clements is Earl Grey blended with real organic lemon and orange peels for a zesty, fragrant alternative to traditional Earl Grey.



Our finely crafted Chai blend has been specifically created to be equally as wonderful enjoyed as an unadulterated black tea infusions, or using the more traditional method of steeping the leaves in hot milk with honey for a black tea Masala Chai.

Rose Grey  

Our own special blend of classic, soothing earl grey with delicate, fragrant organic pink rose petals produce a beautiful blend and an elegant, aromatic infusion with a heady
bergamot/rose scent.

Green Mao Feng

This delicious pure Chinese green tea is one of the most famous and popular varieties available and for good reason - it is delicate, bright with a delectable honeyed finish.

Sencha Aloe Vera

Created to take advantage of the wonderful health-boosting qualities of aloe vera in a delicious and refreshing green tea blend; we have combined early season steamed Chinese green tea leaves with fruity, sweet and slightly tart pineapple pieces and pure aloe vera powder.

Lemon Shimmer

This wonderfully fruity green tea blend was created as a great tasting refresher with the finest steamed Chinese green tea leaves balanced with the tang and sweetness of natural lemon peels and oils.

Angel Peach 

Angel Peach is a delicate blend of the finest Chinese steamed green tea leaves and sunflower blossoms giving a deliciously fragrant, fruity cup.


Spearmint Green

Based on traditional Moroccan Mint teas, we use only the finest green gunpowder tea leaves and blend them with our special mix of real cut peppermint and spearmint leaves for a distinctive spearmint flavour and sweet finish without the need to add sugar.

Blood Orange

This complex and intense seasonal caffeine-free fruit infusion is full of juicy and slightly tangy orange flavour and a deep red colour. Take advantage of the wonderful flavours, colours and benefits of blood orange, which have been blended with hibiscus and rosehip for balance and a hint of spice.


Our Pure Lavender is made with carefully selected certified organic Lavender Angustifolia flowers and nothing else When brewed, Lavender produces pungent floral aromas and a blue-green liquor.

Spiced Pear

The warm cinnamon spice blend goes hand in hand with the sweet marriage of pear and apples just perfectly. Incredibly rich in taste, this brews up a fragrant golden cup. Blended all together our Spiced Pear fruity tea has all the flavor of baked cinnamon spiced pears, honey drenched, and warmth.



Covent Garden

We blend the finest whole-leaf Chinese Yunnan tea, pure peppermint leaf and flashes of cobalt blue cornflowers for a slightly sweet, spicy and aromatic taste.

Hyde Park Blend

This complex and slightly sweet blend combines Indian and Chinese black whole leaf teas with real orange and lemon peel pieces and a hint of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Notting Hill

This delectable Tea Palace exclusive black tea blend was specially created to celebrate our first home in London in 2005. A delicious, smooth and aromatic blend with a hint of vanilla sweetness.


Eucalyptus Zest

This blend is carefully crafted from the finest South African rooibos leaves, pure Australian eucalyptus and real orange pieces and oils to form a refreshing, punchy cup with an almost effervescent finish.

Pink Rosebuds

This luxurious infusion of pure, whole, pink rosebuds produces a refreshing, fragrant and refined aroma and flavour. A marvelous, caffeine-free tisane which is both delicious and soothing


White Monkey

A rare Chinese green tea which is famous for its quality and rarity and distinctive flavour which is delicate, sweet and refreshing with a distinct honey finish.

White Peony

This light and refreshing pure white tea includes just pure large-leaf White Peony tea leaves and absolutely nothing else. A delectable white tea with a clean, pure, delicate flavour and honeyed finish.

Jasmine Silver Needles

A fragrant jasmine scented white tea, Jasmine Silver Needles marries the delicate taste of white tea with the scent of jasmine blossoms. Packed with antioxidants and often low in caffeine, this tea is refreshing and energising.




Black Forest 


Dark Chocolate

Irish Cream

Milk Chocolate

Mint Chocolate

Orange Chocolate

Rum & Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

White Chocolate



Wild Berries


Strawberry & Banana



Limone & Menta



Melograno & Arancia


Aranciata Rossa





Belgian Dark Chocolate


Milk Chocolate


White Choc & Raspberry




Dandelion & Burdock

Mandarin & Seville


Rose Lemonade



Harrogate Still Water

Harrogate Sparkling Water


Coke Classic


Diet Coke 

Coke Zero

Toasted Teacake

(served with butter)


Bacon Roll

(served with any hot beverageof your choice)


Soup of The Day

(served with bread & butter)



All served on Fresh Bread with coleslaw, Salad & Crisps


Roast Beef

on Wholeggrain Bloomer Bread with Yorkshire Chutney

Roast Ham

on White Bloomer Bread with Apple & Cider Chutney

(contains traces of mustard seeds, mustard powder,cayenne)

Vintage Chedder

on White Bloomer Bread with real Ale Chutney

Free Range Egg & Watercress

on White Bloomer Bread

(contains egg, mustard)

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber

on Wholegrain Bloomer Bread

(contains fish & milk)

Cheese Toastie / Cheese & Ham / Pickle /Tomato

on Wholegrain or White Bloomer

(served with coleslaw, salad, & crisps)

Sandwich With Pot of Tea For One

(choice of any sandwich from above & tea of your choice)



Fruit Scone

English Scone With Pot of Tea For One



Plain Butter Croissant

Almond Croissant

Cinnamon swirl

Chocolate Pastry



Carrot Cake

Coffee & Walnut

Chocolate Brownie

Lemon Drizzle

Pecan & Maple Slice

Caramel Shortbread

Chocolate Honeycomb Tiffin

Vegan Persian Flapjack

White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin




Wenslydale & Cranberry



Afternoon Tea with choice

of any Hot Beverage


Afternoon Tea

with Bottomless Alcohol


Afternoon Tea foodtiers include:

fruit Scone, Clotted Cream & Jam

Selection of Cakes

Range of Sandwiches